Marakoopa Caves

0 mins drive from Olde Tudor Hotel

Marakoopa Cave is a wet cave and contains spectacular decoration, sediment deposits relating to past periods of glaciations and significant communities of cave fauna – including the largest glow-worm display in any public-access cave in Australia. Marakoopa Cave is also home to the fascinating Tasmanian Cave spider.

Typical of a wet cave, Marakoopa Cave displays signs of former stream activity in its upper levels, including stratified deposits of sand, clay and conglomerate.

Marakoopa Cave contains numerous attractively decorated chambers on different levels, extensive areas of flowstone and a variety of other interesting formations.

Marakoopa Cave has four surface openings associated with the entrance and exit of the two creeks which run through the cave, three of which are navigable. These two streams, known as Long Creek and Short Creek, begin as runoff from the slopes of Western Bluff, some 100 metres above the cave, and have created two independent cave passages.